CMS Toolbox

Have you ever wished you could be in more control of the content on your website? Have you ever wanted to customise or make changes but don’t have the developing know-how? CTCentral’s ToolBox CMS is the solution for you.

Content Management Solution (CMS) websites are becoming ever popular to the end user – a package that allows you through your “admin portal” to edit page content; including product pages, text, images, links and styles. Our CMS uses a user-friendly “page editor” that has the same “easy to use” tools as Microsoft Word.

However, what makes CTCentral stand above the rest is we provide our high quality web design services to create a unique look and feel to the website layout – none of this one-stop-shop, generic templates that you see on other websites – our designs are bespoke.

And our design does not stop at the layout. We’ve built recruitment websites with bespoke search engines, car hire websites with specially coded price calculator modules, and many others. We build a comprehensive package from the ground upwards tailored to your specific needs.

CMS Editor ProcessWire

Finally, before handing over the website, we provide documentation and training to fully equip you with the necessary skill-set to be in control of your website. But if there is anything you need help with, we’re on-hand to help.

So if you are looking for a website with dynamic functionality, a bespoke, unique and vibrant design tailored to you, but one that you ultimately have control of, then look no further than CTCentral’s Toolbox CMS.

Powerful Editor

Complete web page editing, making it simple to add & edit your pages or blog posts.

Media Manager

Simple to use Media Manager to upload and manage all your images, videos, and document files such as PDF, Word Docs, Excel & PowerPoint.

Website Statistics

Full Website Statistics helping you to see how well your website is preforming, and any areas that need improvement.